Fireproof Gun Safe

RPFS14-B | Fireproof Biometric Digital Rifle Safe


Rifle Safe

RP5FR | Biometric 5 Gun Storage Cabinet


Fireproof Safe

RPFS40 | Digital Home Fireproof Safe


Home Safe

RPHS45 | Electronic Security Home Safe


Pistol Safe

RP19001F | High Capacity Multifunction Pistol Safe


Gun Accessories

AM-191 | Metal Ammo Can

  • Elevated Quality

    We believe we can help make the world a better place by providing better protection that you can count on.

  • Accessibility

    Whether it’s in a drawer, in a car, under a desk or on the wall, we want to keep your valuables safe where and when you need protection most.

  • Reliable Protection

    We are here to help you find the best safe to fit your needs so that you can protect your most prized people and possessions.

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Questions & Answers

Do I need a gun safe?

Of course, you need one. If you decide to keep a firearm in your home, you must consider the issue of how to store the firearm safely and securely to prevent access to children and burglars. If you want to have your pistol at hand, it would be better to put it in a small handgun safe. It will be easy to carry from one place to another and possible to keep even on a bedside table.

Where to put handgun safe?

Undeniably, a handgun safe shouldn't be kept in plain sight. The best places for it are a closet, bedside, dresser, basement, a hidden corner of a room.

Can I put anything other than rifles in my gun safe?

Gun safes help protect more than just guns. You may want to store things such as important documents, precious family heirlooms, jewelry, money, etc., in your gun safe as well. Think of your safety as a lifetime investment, and given the number of precious items you can collect over a lifetime, we'd recommend purchasing a gun safe larger than you think you'll need.

Where is the safest place to put a safe in your home?

The most secure place to install a safe would be at the corner where two outside walls meet. This provides the most protection and support for a heavy safe. In a house with multiple levels, it's best to keep them safe on the ground floor.

Brand Manifesto

At RPNB Safe, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality protection where they need it most. Whether you’re looking to protect your most cherished people or possessions, we are here to help you find the right safe for your needs.

Our mission is simple: Create a safer world.

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