Desk Mounted Firearm Safety Device with Biometric Fingerprint
RP311F Multiple Mounting Options Image

Multiple Mounting Options

The desk mounted device can be mounted from the right, left, or top, depending on the desired set up.

RP311F Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Image

Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint

The firearm safety device in any gun safe captures high-resolution fingerprint images with excellent match speed of less than 1 second for extra-fast entry.

Low Battery Warning

RPNB mounted firearm safety device know the low power batteries, it can be changed at your convenience versus batteries that need immediate attention because they're nearly depleted

PISTOL SAFE-RP311E details:

Check out this fingerprint gun safe. You can use the intelligent biometric fingerprint scanner, digital keypad, or manual lock keys for access. The user-friendly design makes it easy to open even for a single hand. Also, it’s easy to install and program. Only need a few seconds to mount it under a desk or nightstand with the mounting bracket. For added convenience, mountable from right-left, or topside, depending on desired preference.


  • Stores up to 50 fingerprint scans
  • Easily program personal code in seconds
  • 500DPI Semiconductor biometric fingerprint
  • Fast-activation drop-down drawer for quick access
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools
Product Feature

Electronic Keypad

Biometric Fingerprint

Backup Key Hole

Multiple Mounting Options

California DOJ Certified

Product Specifications

Get the security done with us


7.43″ x 3.07″ x 13.47″(H×W×D)

Model Number


Item Weight

8.02 LBS

Password Length

4-6 Digit Master Code

Requirements for Battery

4 NEW AA Alkaline Batteries
(not included in the box)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to keep a firearm in your home you must consider the issue of how to store the firearm in a safe and secure manner. California recognizes the importance of safe storage by requiring that all firearms sold in California be accompanied by a DOJ-approved firearms safety device or proof that the purchaser ...

Rust will eat away at the metals of firearms causing discoloration and even pits in what should be a solid surface. It is the union of moisture and oxygen on a metal surface which produces oxidation that causes rust on firearms.

All the firearms you keep in your gun safe should be kept at an optimal humidity setting. A firearm that becomes too dry may not function well and can develop corrosion. The stocks may also crack and become impossible to utilize if they become dry.

But even the slightest amount of humidity trapped inside a gun vault can cause damage to firearms and other valuables. For low-humidity environments, a desiccant humidifier may be sufficient as long as you change it out frequently to ensure it's most effective.

Once your guns are in the container, just close and lock it right away. You should then put airtight gun-safe desiccants inside to keep everything dry and protected against humidity as well as odor-causing bacteria.


Template For Test Fiting

Available Fitment Guide for the RP311F. Simply print the template on an 8.5”×11” sheet of paper and place your valuables on the template to see if they fit. When printing do not scale to fit instead print at 100%.

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  • Avatar


    Well constructed of sturdy steel with a very nice black finish. Everything about it works well. Mine is installed in the coat closet.If you’re doing a wall mount you have to find the stud to attach it to and, once attached, it’s really solid. Took me less than 10 minutes to get it installed and working after I opened the box. Instructions are super easy to follow in order to mount, program the security code and use. I like it!

    October 19, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    It’s a nice safe for the price. It’s secure and keeps the contents away from my kids and can be mouted between my bed and nightstand. The mounting is easy, but could be more secure in that the weight of the unit opening causes the whole thing to vibrate because the mount is at the top, but the weight is at the bottom. I solved this by putting a piece of foam between the nightstand and the safe which helped. It is hart to install the batteries, but not impossible. The buttons are tactile and work well, and the release is pretty immediate.

    March 1, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    H. F. Lerum

    Craftsmanship: Combo and Key. No fingerprint reader. Good to keep your pistol out of the hands of the kids. Not much challenge to a thief who really knows what they are doing. Or a teen-ager who checks out YouTube.The failure I experienced: After 2 months when I entered the combination, I got one or two orange flashes from the number pad after which the combination didn’t work anymore. I did not consider that the batteries were too low and that quick flash was the signal. I wound up completely disassembling the unit. (Which was kind of fun). The depleted batteries were enough to power the motor just fine. However not enough to push juice through the circuit board to power the motor. On changing batteries, everything works fine again. Very easy to lock pick by the way. You need to cover the holes on the side so someone cannot insert a picking device and reset your combination. That said, for ~$70 you don’t expect great stuff. A lot more secure than stuffing it under the mattress. I think I will mod the case and upgrade the battery pack with AA instead of AAA. By the way, this has different internals than the similar ones sold by GunVault and Harbor Freight. Actual locking mechanism is in different locations on those as well. After watching videos of the others, I do like the internal layout of this one better.

    February 16, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    I bought this safe for a cheap but reliable option to have quicker access to a firearm. its perfect from keeping your firearm out of the hands of kids or people that could be snooping in your stuff. Now I’m not saying that this safe is impenetrable. I bought this with the sole purpose of keeping it out of my children’s hands. everyone has saw the video of the lock picking lawyer getting into this with a clothes hanger bent in just the right way but I’m not worried about that, but if you are super worried about that then just cover the slit in the side of the safe (where the safe is meant to be hung on either side so you can put it in different places. the number pad works great and it fairly quite to open. im super pleased with this purchase and plan on buying a few more

    January 29, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    I own a CZ P-10F with a threaded barrel and a flashlight modification. Being a full sized pistol, plus a threaded barrel, and a flashlight, it becomes a 9mm that’s on the larger side of things. While I read reviews saying this gun fits no issue, I ran into some problems:-First, the foam was too big. Easy fix, I just cut it out to my specifications.-Second, if I don’t put my gun in exactly one way, the sights have a very high chance of rubbing up against the battery chamber of the safe. That being said, so far it doesn’t seem to have caused any damage to the sights (scratching.)-Third and BIGGEST issue almost defeats the purpose of a home defense weapon. I’m unable to fit my gun in the safe with the magazine inserted. It makes the gun too big, and the sights will just push up against the battery chamber, preventing closure and locking. You’ll have to keep a round chambered, and a magazine on top of the flat part of the mounting bracket. At least that’s what I do, and it seems okay. I wish I could keep it fully loaded though. You never know if the few seconds of fumbling in the dark will change an outcome of a situation.I wish I had purchased a slightly larger safe, but I really liked this style. I don’t have the fingerprint sensor, and the keypad is very fast and responsive.For security, it seems average. I can’t seem to find any flaws, and Lock Picking Lawyer covered this safe on YouTube, and the issue he found was solved. Plus it really helps to turn the beep off for silent entry. The gear that drops the safe open and releases the gun is louder than I’d like, but nothing can be done there. For protection in a smaller apartment, you could hear it from the front door no issue which is, of course, not good in the event of a home entry. Or maybe it is. The threat could be scared away by the sound, or worse could draw their weapon.The installation of this safe was rather easy, however if you have large hands like me, it will be very difficult to get the screw inside that holds onto the mounting bracket. Took me a good and very cramped 10 minutes before I was able to secure it to the mounting bracket. I had some slight bruising on my knuckles for a couple days. If you have a small handled house member, they are necessary for help.Would I buy this safe again? Maybe. If I had a smaller hand gun? Yes. If I had a full sized gun? Probably not. That being said, I do highly recommend this safe. It just isn’t perfect for my specific handgun, but if you have a compact handgun it’ll be fine. I hope this review can help anyone with a CZ P-10F, since no other reviews seem to mention these flaws.

    July 7, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    David Lewis

    Good price, works as intended. Super easy to install. Not especially sturdy, but that probably kept it light enough for solid mounting. You could probably get into it with a hammer and 20 minutes, but if someone is going at your easy-access pistol safe with a hammer for 20 minutes, you have bigger problems than the safe’s sturdiness.Only real issue was that the foam insert wasn’t really the right size for any of my pistols. Had to modify it with a razor. Would be nice if the seller was clearer about what sort of guns would and wouldn’t fit right out if the box.

    June 15, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    RJ W.

     This is just what we wanted. 4-6 digit combinations with 1-4 digit option. It pops open immediately to present gun. I love having it next to the bed!

    June 4, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Anadine Marshall

    My wife and I both have guns but we also have kids want to make sure our guns are safely locked in a safe. Recently, with a report of a couple that our friends knew being murdered in their home with their three young kids asleep. My wife asked how long it would take to get to our guns. With keys and locks it would take at least a minute or two. Now we have a loaded weapon that we will most likely never use available within 5 seconds. I had a bowie knife by my bed before the suspect was stabbed with a knife. The couple were both shot and killed.

    April 28, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Xavier Zenith

    This gun safe works perfect so far. Had it for a few months and I test it daily with no problem. It may not be as secure as some similar safes but it’s like 1/3 the price.Or someone really wanted in bad enough I’m sure they could eventually break it open but that wasn’t my purpose. I just wanted something secure to keep out snooping peeps and kids. I keep a 1911 locked and cocked in there next to my bed and I sleep like a baby.This is perfect for that.

    February 20, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Robert S.

    I ordered two of the RPNB handgun safes with the digital keypad on Jan 11, 2020, specifically for mhy two full size 5-inch government moidel 1911s. I was sceptical that my 1911s would not fit as I read some reviews indicating the 1911s would fit and other reviews indicating the 1911s would not fit. I was prepared to return these safes if the 1911s did not fit. I received these gun safes on Jan 12, 2020, and to my surprise and delite, both of my full size 5-inch government model 1911s fit very well, including the mags installed. One of my 1911s is a Springfield Armory Range Officer and the other is a Kimber Raptor. Both 1911s have large beavertails and my Kimber even has an extended mag base pad. There is clearance to easily open and close the gun safe door with either 1911 mounted in the safe…granted, not a lot of clearance, but there is no contact between the gun and the safe hardware. I saved a little money and ordered both handgun safes with only the digital keypad and not the biometric sensor, as I seem to always have problems with my finger prints and biometric sensors. Frankly, I find it just as quick to open the safe door with just the digital keypad anyway. Also, I have seen a number of reviews regarding this RPNB handgun safe indicating it can be easily hacked and opened by sliding a metal bar in the crack in the door opening to hit the program button behind the door. This issue was found in earlier versions of the safe and both RPNB handgun safes I received are the new improved version and that issue has been resolved. There is no way to hack the gun safe as the program button is now inaccessible when the gun safe door is closed. Overall, this is a great handgun safe, very sturdy, very inexpensive, a great value, and fits my full size 1911s. I would definitely buy more of these if I had more 1911s.

    January 12, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    This is a well designed, highly practical way to keep a firearm handy yet safe from prying fingers.Needless to say, a crowbar would be sufficient to un-moor it and allow a bad guy to steal it but it is not meant to be Ft. Knox, it is meant to provide security when the owner is around the premises and does not wish to leave a firearm handy ie. available to unauthorized individuals.Mine did not come with the fingerprint reader but I have found that feature to be sorta unreliable when I have used it on other security devices. I like the 4-digit combo just fine. Again, we are not protecting against Willie Sutton, we are providing close in security.Installation is simple. You position a plate against the mounting surface, screw in four screws, hang the safe and secure it with a thumb nut. Easy. Change the combo and turn off the sound and you are done.It is $80 well spent, IMHO.

    November 30, 2019
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    I got the push button only model as the harder it is to get into the better. Had a little issue changing the code, after entering in the new one and the 1 second press you have to close the safe. That last step wasn’t listed in the instructions and I’m guessing it was too fix the hack others have mentioned. Last note, there is no room for any magazines.

    October 27, 2019
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    Love it. Great safe to use as a bed side gun and other uses. I have mines attached to a night stand near my bed that I can turn and easily unlock and grab.

    October 3, 2019
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    The first one would not latch closed most of the time and when it did it did not unlock half of the time. I exchanged it hoping it was just faulty. The new one is working great so far.UPDATE: I have had the new one for about four months now and no issues at all so I have changed my review from four stars to five.

    June 25, 2019
    Verified Purchase

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