1.6 Cubic Feet Fingerprint Home Safe
RPHS45 Smart Touchscreen Panel Image

Smart Touchscreen Panel

Use touchscreen keypad to easily PRGRAM your passcode, REGITER or DELETE users' fingerprints on device. LED display and English voice prompt will walk you through programming master code and registering fingerprints. Touch the screen to wake up the system.

One-Touch Unlock System

The handle is designed with the fingerprint sensor, pressing your finger while holding the handle to unlock the safe within 1 second. Faster and more convenient than using traditional key and more secure with your own unique biometric identification.

RPHS45 Built-in LED Lights Image

Built-in LED Lights

Interior lighting provides increased visibility so you can easily access your valuables without additional lighting. Automatically light up when the door is opened each time.

HOME SAFE-RPHS45 details:

Smarter,Safer and more secure. With this RPNB deluxe home safe, get more space for your valuables. The biometric fingerprint has the characteristics of a high recognition rate and strong reliability. This safe also comes with an upgraded touch screen where password button are in, and the hidden fingerprint button and master key hole make this safe more secret, adding extra insurance to your properties. Combining function and fashion, this home safe box is ideal to install in closet, nightstand, bedside and so on.


  • Type-C receiving jack
  • Tamper-proof live bolts
  • One-Touch Unlock System
  • Dual Warning Alarm System
  • Automatic LED interior light
  • Support setting to Silence Mode
  • Fingerprint Sensor and Touchscreen Keypad
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware for floor-mounting
  • Removable Shelf & Interior Box & Document Folder
RPHS45 Product Image 3
Product Feature
Indicator Light

Built-in LED Lights

Biometric Fingerprint Icon 3

Biometric Fingerprint

Digital Keypad

Sturdy Construction Icon

Sturdy Construction

Product Specifications

Get the security done with us

RPHS45 Product Image 4

Exterior Dimensions

17.72″x15.75″x12.99″ (H x W x D)

Model Number


Interior Dimensions

17.52″x15.35″x10.24″ (H x W x D)

Password Length

3-8 Digit Code

Item Weight

61.73 LBS

Requirements for Battery

4 NEW AA Alkaline Batteries
(not included in the box)

Frequently Asked Questions

You should always anchor your safe to the floor. Anchoring helps prevent damage to your home and accidents that could result in injury or even death to a loved one if your safe tips over.

Open a box of fresh baking soda and place it into the safe. Baking soda absorbs dampness and helps deodorize musty smells. Remove and replace the baking soda every four to six months.

The safe door can be a weak spot on a safe if it is made of thin metal. This makes the burglar's job easier and all they need is a pry bar or crowbar to pry open the door. The thicker the door, the harder it will be to pry open.

Having a home safe is an important way to keep your personal documents and valuables safe. They can also keep your family and others safe by keeping dangerous items away from inexperienced hands.

Most people own a safe in order to protect valuable possessions like money, jewelry and electronics. They're also great for hiding firearms away from children and outsiders.

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