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There are two types of locks:

  • Electronic: Battery-powered with 1000000 different combinations available.
  • Mechanical Dial: Secure but significantly slower to operate than their Electronic counterparts. The assistance of a locksmith is necessary to change the combination.

If you only have a couple of pistols to store, a small gun safe is all you need. These are easy to conceal, fitting on shelves, inside drawers, or under beds, and can be moved wherever you need them with little effort. A large gun safe that holds long guns is your best option for owners with rifles or shotguns. The number of guns the safe holds determines its size. Some are slim enough to fit inside a closet, while others are wide and aren’t as easy to hide, so you’ll need to designate a space for it if that’s the one you choose.

Capacity is based on how many gun slots are in the safe — but that doesn’t always mean it’ll hold that many guns. Scoped firearms take up more room, a factor you’ll need to consider when purchasing. A good rule of thumb is to get one that’s a little bigger than you need. Collections grow, and you might use the safe to store other things, so having the available room now can save you the hassle later.

Having a safe place to secure firearms when they aren’t in use is a top priority for any gun owner. Gun safes help control who can access your guns, keeping them out of children’s reach and protecting them against theft, as well as giving you a place to store other household valuables. These, among many other reasons, demonstrate the importance of investing in a safe.

Mechanical Lock Pistol Safe

Considered the most reliable option in handgun safes, Mechanical Lock pistol safes, also known as combination lock safes, are the premier choice for gun enthusiasts that want guaranteed access to their firearm when they need it most. With a mechanical lock, there are no batteries to replace or keys to lose, and you'll have access to your handgun safe every time you need it. For example, a combination lock pistol safe requires you to remember the combination of digits, and that's it. The most common type of mechanical safe lock is the Simplex mechanical lock with 1000 possible combinations. This is the highest-rated type of safe on the market today. And actually, let's not forget about the price. Handgun safes with a mechanical lock are generally the cheapest ones.

Check out our entire collection of pistol safes for the excellent solution for: 

  • Car / Vehicle Handgun Safes
  • Easily Hidden Access Pistol Safes
  • CA DOJ Approved Handgun Safes
  • Quick Access Pistol Safes
  • Multiple Handgun Safes
Rifle Safes

Questions & Answers About Rifle Safes

Gun capacities are calculated by the manufacturers using a small standard size rifle with no optics or modifications. In current times, nearly everyone uses optics and modifications to their firearms, making the gun capacity quantity far less than it can hold. We recommend buying a gun safe with a much larger gun capacity than guns you have, as you do not want the firearms banging into each other, potentially causing scratches and damage to the optics.

Gun safes help protect more than just guns. You may want to store things such as important documents, precious family heirlooms, jewelry, money, etc., in your gun safe as well. Think of your safety as a lifetime investment, and given the number of precious items you can collect over a lifetime, we'd recommend purchasing a gun safe larger than you think you'll need.

Despite their size, small rifle safes are pretty extensive. Some of them can accommodate up to a couple of dozen guns. But generally, an average small long gun safe can hold up to 5 rifles and a few other small valuables.

ifle gun safe is equipped with security protection features. That means that the vault is suitable for storing valuables, including money. However, the best rifle gun safe for money has convenient pouches shelves for keeping small stuff.

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