Fireproof Safe

Fireproof Safe

Fireproof Safe & Bag For Sale

There is no doubt that a fireproof safe should be in every home. Our life is full of surprises; therefore, it's always a good idea to protect our precious things from unexpected dangers which can happen anytime. Choosing the best fireproof safe to buy for your home, consider what protection you need, what size it should be, and the price you can afford. The RPNB offers an abundant variety of fireproof safes for sale. There are steel fireproof home safes that can withstand external temperatures of up to 1200°F for 30 minutes. You can also find suitable fireproof safes of absolutely different sizes for home use here.

Biometric fireproof safes are the most convenient to use. They offer quick access and some additional features like an anti-theft alarm system.

There are no federal regulations for testing fireproof document bags, but manufacturers use known fire-resistant materials when making bags. To determine the level of protection, look at the maximum heat the bag can withstand, usually between 1000 and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Some bags are rated "UL 94," which means that global safety certification company Underwriters Laboratories has tested and approved the materials for resisting fire and melting.

Most manufacturers also advertise their fireproof bags as waterproof or water-resistant, which is vital for two reasons. First, a tight seal is required to prevent intense heat build-up inside the bag, and this seal usually keeps water out. More importantly, though, if the bag is placed in a burning house or the trunk of a burning car, the fire is likely to be doused by a water hose, so it's nice to have some level of waterproof protection for documents stored in the bag.

Fireproof bags are usually closed with a zipper made of fireproof material or have a snug Velcro closure. Some models come with more than one closure type, such as an internal zipper and an extra Velcro-type closure that adds to the bag's fire resistance.

Typical items stored in fireproof bags include property records, birth certificates, paper money, passports, and notes with written passwords to online accounts. Some bags are large enough to hold other valuables such as jewelry, vintage photos, and even digital thumb drives.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, a person has a 25 percent chance of experiencing a meaningful fire in their lifetime. Invest in fireproof safes and fireproof bags to protect your important documents and irreplaceable items from fire in fireproof safes and document bags.


Questions & Answers About Fireproof Safe & Bag

Fireproof home safes protect precious belongings from thefts, water, and humidity. Besides, they can withstand high temperatures for 30 minutes, which can be enough for the owner to get access to and open the safe. Therefore, documents, jewelry, cash, and devices should be kept in your fireproof home safe.
Not all fire-resistant home safes are built equal. But the home safes we sell in this store are fireproof. They are ready to keep your home valuables from fire and smoke damage.

A fireproof bag is not as protective as a fireproof briefcase, but it will still help protect your documents, wallet, and valuables. Storing your bag inside a safe or a fireproof briefcase will add additional levels of protection.

A high-quality fireproof bag can protect your documents from high-temperature ignition when near a fire source (up to about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit). If the temperature rises above this level or the bag are dropped directly into a fire, its contents may be damaged or destroyed.

Most fireproof document bags are made from silicone-treated fiberglass, and the better ones come with two or more layers of treated fiberglass for added heat protection. Additionally, the exterior is waterproof silicone to prevent water damage from fire hoses.

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